Museum Director

Johnny Augustine 036- 14 62  05

Museum Director dep.
Per Jonsson 036-14 61 02
Administration, archives and collections, exhibitions, marketing, guided tours

Museum attendant/receptionist
Stefan Svensson 036-14 61 02
Exhibition services, bookings


Volunteer staff

The museum’s opening hours during weekends, guide operations, archival work, and exhibition construction and maintenance is carried out primarily by volunteers, who are crucial to all activities of the museum.


The foundation of Husqvarna Museum

Already in the 1950’s there were plans to set up a museum for the history of the Husqvarna Company and their products, but it wouldn’t materialise until 1982. In that year the Husqvarna Small Arms Museum were inaugurated with suitable pomp and a visit by H.M. the King. However, this museum was only dedicated to Husqvarna’s civilian gun production. Behind this iniative stood Husqvarna Ltd., The Municipality of Jönköping, and the National Swedish Hunting Association. Consequently, the museum was organised as a civil non-profit foundation.

On the 27th of April 1993 the Husqvarna Industrial Museum opened in the building that until the 1940’s was in use a small arms workshop. Behind this initiative stood a number of former Husqvarna employees who thought there was scoop for a museum with Husqvarna products. This led to a museum as a cooperative project with the Huskvarna Local History Society as operator and Husqvarna Ltd. as provider of the premises and other technical facilities. At the same time the Small Arms Museum was integrated into the general museum and would become one of the permanent exhibitions. As of 2015 the museum is known as the Husqvarna Museum.

The collections however were spread on several owners, with Husqvarna Ltd, The Local History Society and the Small Arms Foundation as the three biggest depositors. This led to an ambition to place all museum items under one autonomous owner, securing the collections for the future. In 2019 the old Small Arms Foundation were reorganised as a general museum foundation, having two participants: The Huskvarna Local History Society, and Husqvarna Ltd.


The Husqvarna Museum Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to manage the archives and collections of the museum for the future and to safeguard them both from being dispersed and moved from the Huskvarna village. Additionally, the foundation is expected to promote the everyday running of the museum that the Local History Society is carrying out in cooperation with Husqvarna Ltd.


In summary

The archives and collections of the Husqvarna Museum is owned and managed by the non-for-profit Husqvarna Museum Foundation, whose principals are The Huskvarna Local History Society, and Husqvarna Ltd.

The museum in general is managed since its start in 1993 as a cooperative project between The Huskvarna Local History Society, who takes care of the day-to-day running, and Husqvarna Ltd, in a technical support role.


The Huskvarna Local History Society’s board has appointed a steering committee for the museum:

Christer Carlberg – chairman
Björn Johansson Elmervik – treasurer, economy
Hans Merkert – member, staff
Arne Månberg – member
Anders Kragner – member
Director of the museum – adjunct, keeper of the minutes