33 199 visitors 2017!

09 January 2018 | News

Thank you! Husqvarna Museum wishes to extend a big thank you to all visitors of 2017 – groups as well as individuals. For the third consecutive year we have reached more than 30 000 visitors. We are both proud and grateful for all attention the museum has been shown. Welcome back!

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150 years as a modern company!

22 November 2017 | News

Today, the 22nd of November 2017 Husqvarna Ltd. celebrates its 150th anniversary as a joint-stock company. Today’s Husqvarna PLC was founded as a government-owned small arms factory in Jönköping on the 15th of February 1620. It would be managed in its old, and increasingly unmodern, form as a manufacturing organisation for about 250 years. When, in the mid-19th century Sweden adopted its first corporation law, also the small arms factory would reorganise as a limited [—]

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Winter opening hours

02 October 2017 | News

From the 1st of October the museum is open weekdays 10am-3pm and weekends 12-4pm.

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The Husqvarna Rally

23 May 2017 | News

The 21st Husqvarna Rally will take place on the 3d of June 2017, organised by the Husqvarna Motorcycle Society and the Husqvarna Museum. Extended opening hours in the museum: 11 am until 5 pm. START: at 9 am in Stockmakarbyn (“The Stock Makers’ Village”). FINISH: at Husqvarna Museum. For more information, please see the homepage of the motorcycle society: http://www.husqvarnamotorcyklar.nu/

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VIP-visitors to the museum!

10 May 2017 | News

Friday the 5th of May the museum could welcome a very special visitor. Former arms assembler Nils “Nisse” Abrahamsson came with his son Hans as company. Nils is at 97 (!) and having worked for 51 years (!) the now last living small arms artisan, a tradition that goes back approx. 600 fantastic years! Nils and Hans was naturally most interested in our arms collection and so went to the Small Arms Room. Inside they [—]

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