Husqvarna lawn mowers – more than100 years!


1919: Beginning of Husqvarna lawn mowers

In 1918 Husqvarna purchases the Norrahammar Works (NHB) – founded in 1877 – south of Jönköping. Norrahammar had specialized in agricultural tools and also had a good iron foundry, so it was perhaps logical to deploy the production of lawn mowers there. It is not clear whether it was Husqvarna or Norrahammar who had come up with the idea to develop lawn mowers. It is however believed it was local manager Eric Hedenblad at NHB who was the man responsible. In the first year – 1919 – only 24 lawn mowers were made, mostly in cast iron.


1946: The first lawn mower with an engine

Husqvarna had, in co-operation with its subsidiary Norrahammar, developed the first ever motorised lawn mower of the Husqvarna Group, the Norah 24. It was intended for parks and sports grounds and was only made in 24 copies. In hindsight it must be considered to be an experimental model only.

In 1959 production of regular motorised lawn mowers commences. These were intended for private gardens and the like.


1967: A new lighter walk-behind lawn mower

In total some 1,75 million lawn mowers had been assembled at the Norrahammar works, a production line that for long was exclusive to Norrahammar nationally. On the Monday of the 2nd of October 1967 the last cast iron mowers were made by Husqvarna.

Instead it was lighter materials like skeet iron, steel, nylon and rubber that was to constitute the Husqvarna de Luxe lawn mower and the Clipper 101 power mower.


1972: Modern power mowers!

In 1972 Husqvarnas lawn mower MK500. For these mowers Husqvarna develop an own two-stroke engine, that mixes oil and petrol automatically. They were also equipped with Duojet, a system with two separate grass discharges – a collector or a discharge on the side.


1987: Husqvarna Rider – unique ride-on mowers

In the beginning of the 1980’s Husqvarna develops a ride-on lawn mower. This took place at a small unit in Jonsered (outside Gothenburg), later to be transferred to – and further developed at – the Ödeshög plant. In 1986 Husqvarna could present a first ride-on lawn mower, which was given the name Rider (or The Rider) and in the spring of 1987 production was in full swing.

Already during the development stage the ride-on was equipped with a unique, and later patented, articulated steering which was inspired from the covered wagon used in the Wild West! Many of the early technical solutions is still present in contemporary ride-on lawn mowers.

In 2011 the first Rider for professional use was launched and in 2012 the first battery-operated ride-on lawn mower was introduced. In 2015 half a million Riders had been manufactured.


1995: The first robotic mower

In 1995 Husqvarna launched the first ever automatic robotic lawn mower, the so-called Solar Mower. With solar energy only this had powers enough to support both the wheels and the cutting system. In the beginning the solar mower was only showed at fairs and at retailers shops, while it was still under trials.

In 1998 it was time for the next step in the development of robotic mowers when the completely automatic robotic mower AutoMower was launched. In order to enable continuous mowing 24/7 and without regards to weather conditions the AutoMower was equipped with a rechargeable battery. In 2003 a third generation of robotic mowers came with had new functions. Also a hybrid version was launched, being “fueled” by both solar and electrical energy. Since then, several new innovations has been presented. In 2017 one million of robotic mowers had been produced by Husqvarna.

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