Record number of visitors!

In 2019 Husqvarna Museum has had a record number of visitors. As many as 36 625 persons visited our exhibitions and took part of the fantastic history of Husqvarna. In other words, we now exceed our old record, from 2015, with more than 3000 visitors. For the fifth consecutive year we have reached more than 30 000 visitors. We are both proud and grateful for all attention the museum has been shown. Welcome back!


In 2019 the museum collections were transferred to a newly stablished foundation!

The collections however were spread on several owners, with Husqvarna Ltd, The Local History Society and the Small Arms Foundation as the three biggest depositors. This led to an ambition to place all museum items under one autonomous owner, securing the collections for the future. In 2019 the old Small Arms Foundation were reorganised as a general museum foundation, having two participants: The Huskvarna Local History Society, and Husqvarna Ltd.

The purpose of the foundation is to manage the archives and collections of the museum for the future and to safeguard them both from being dispersed and moved from the Huskvarna village. Additionally, the foundation is expected to promote the everyday running of the museum that the Local History Society is carrying out in cooperation with Husqvarna Ltd.

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