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Winter opening hours

From the 1st of October the museum is open weekdays 10am-3pm and weekends 12-4pm.

The Husqvarna Rally

The 21st Husqvarna Rally will take place on the 3d of June 2017, organised by the Husqvarna Motorcycle Society and the Husqvarna Museum. Extended opening hours in the museum: 11 am until 5 pm. START: at 9 am in Stockmakarbyn (“The Stock Makers’ Village”). FINISH: at Husqvarna Museum. For more information, please see the homepage of the motorcycle society: http://www.husqvarnamotorcyklar.nu/

VIP-visitors to the museum!

Friday the 5th of May the museum could welcome a very special visitor. Former arms assembler Nils “Nisse” Abrahamsson came with his son Hans as company. Nils is at 97 (!) and having worked for 51 years (!) the now last living small arms artisan, a tradition that goes back approx. 600 fantastic years! Nils and Hans was naturally most interested in our arms collection and so went to the Small Arms Room. Inside they [—]

31 469 visitors 2016!

Thank you! Husqvarna Museum wishes to extend a big thank you to all visitors of 2016 – groups as well as individuals. For a second consecutive year we have reached more than 30 000 visitors. We are both proud and grateful for all attention the museum has been shown. Welcome back!

Weapon donation!

Model 310/Eckermann This shotgun model 310/Eckermann, Husqvarna Museum got from the assembler Nils Abrahamsson. Nils is a one of the last craftsmen that made shotguns at Husqvarna. He made this shotgun for himself before he retired in 1985. The weapon is made ​​of old parts from a gun that was never completed in 1920. Assembler Nils Abrahamsson

Record number of visitors!

In 2015 Husqvarna Museum has had a record number of visitors. Compared to the previous year 2014 with 26 981 visitors, and the old record from 2005 with 28 129 people at the museum, as many as 33 371 persons visited our exhibitions in 2015 and took part of the fantastic history of Husqvarna. In other words, we now exceed our old record with more than 5000 visitors and 2014, with over 6000 visitors. Besides, the number of [—]

Heartstarter at the museum!

Husqvarna Museum has now acquired a heartstarter and our staff is also CPR trained!

New book about the history of Husqvarna Motorcycles

The book is written in Swedish and English. Author: Dane Glantz. The book describes in detail (with technical data, illustrations and in general terms) Husqvarna’s all motor cycle models between the years 1903 and 1964. A specil chapter describes Husqvarna’s racing activities during the period 1922 – 1935. Big space is dedicated the world-famous racing machines with V-twin engines, how they were engineered. Many technical illustrations and photos. Hardbound, 256 pages, b/w. Dimensions: 9.5″ x [—]