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A brand and factory with more than 300 years of history

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Sat – Sun 12 – 4pm


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Sat – Sun 12 – 4pm

Object of the month


Product: Prototype chain saw with battery

Production period: 2012 –

In 2008 Husqvarna decided to investigate whether professional gasoline products could be replaced with a battery as a power source. A preliminary study with a final report was conducted during the coming years, when lots of cutting equipment, and battery products were compared and evaluated. Eventually, engines and drivers were purchased and powerful prototypes of a chainsaw, trimmer and hedge trimmer were built. These were largely based on RC model aircraft frame components from gasoline products. Major challenges were the cutting equipment that had to be highly effective, the engine that had to be directly driven with high efficiency, and the batteries that had to be viable. The potential of professional battery products was discerned, and the company eventually initiated the project. Production began in both Huskvarna and Ulm, Germany. Husqvarna Battery Series was launched in 2012.

Weapon donation!

16 March 2016 | News

Model 310/Eckermann This shotgun model 310/Eckermann, Husqvarna Museum got from the assembler Nils Abrahamsson. Nils is a one of the last craftsmen that made shotguns at Husqvarna. He made this shotgun for himself before he retired in 1985. The weapon is made ​​of old parts from a gun that was never completed in 1920. Assembler Nils Abrahamsson

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