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A brand and factory with more than 300 years of history

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31 469 visitors 2016!

17 January 2017 | News

Thank you!

Husqvarna Museum wishes to extend a big thank you to all visitors of 2016 – groups as well as individuals. For a second consecutive year we have reached more than 30 000 visitors. We are both proud and grateful for all attention the museum has been shown. Welcome back!


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Object of the month

Sampo MF2017

Object: The type-writer “Sampo”

Period of time: 1895-1896

Numbers buildt: 1 158

The object this month is the type-writer Sampo. It was manufactured in 1895-1896 by the Husqvarna Factory and is a simplified variant of the type wheel type-writers. And the first produced type-writer in Sweden. Legend has it that its unusual name was an idea from the type-writer’s constructor, an engineer originally of Swedish-speaking Finnish extraction. He of course knew about Kalevala, the Finnish national epic saga, wherein a magic item is present. Really what this magic item was is not known for sure but a theory is that it is a mill who could produce gold, salt and flour without raw materials. It was however made by the Master smith Ilmarinen. The magic Sampo was lost during a sea-battle and sunk to the bottom where it is of good use for the fishes.

Husqvarna’s Sampo was outdated from the beginning and became a commercial failure.  The production stopped after just a short time. Perhaps it is a quirk of irony that while the magic Sampo went to the bottom of the sea; Husqvarna’s sampo was sold as toys in the local toyshop for only 2 Crowns each?

Today Sampo the type-writer is a rare collectible but can be seen at our museum, The Husqvarna Museum.

The launch of Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro models 2017

08 August 2016 | Okategoriserade

Husqvarna Museum is very pleased that we got to be part of Husqvarna Motorcycles launch of new enduro models 2017 ! Watch the film about the launch , which took place in Huskvarna and Norrahammar on 11 and 13 July. Many thanks to Smålands Karoliner for a fine setting of the company’s oldest history!

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