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A brand and factory with more than 300 years of history

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Welcome back Husqvarna bicycles!

28 February 2018 | News

On the Thursday of the 22nd of February we at Husqvarna Museum had the pleasure to host the presentation of Husqvarna’s new bicycles! After 50 years in abeyance the production of Husqvarna bicycles has been resumed. This is done in a partnership between Husqvarna Group and the German bicycle manufacturer Pexco. Last time Husqvarna’s name adorned a bicycle was in 1968 when Swedish bicycle manufacturer Monark-Crescent in Varberg ceased their production of Husqvarna bicycles. The new bicycles – which are battery-equipped – will be available in 35 different models and will be on sale in Sweden from later this year. With so many models there will be something for both the mountain bike enthusiast as well as the everyday city rider, biking between home and workplace.

In these images Mr. Kai Wärn, Husqvarna’s CEO, is seen accepting one of the first Husqvarna bicycles and also trying it out outside the museum. The bike may now be viewed at the museum. Welcome!



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From our collections…


In the evening of the 19th of November 1918 the steamer ”Per Brahe” departs from Gränna, bound for Stockholm via the Göta Canal. It was heavily loaded with cargo, including Husqvarna stoves and sewing machines as well as considerable amounts of potatoes and pears. Also, the artist John Bauer and his family is among the passengers.

The ship would however sink on Lake Vättern during the night and everybody aboard would perish. All cargo follows the steamer. In 1922 some of the cargo, including some sewing machines is salvaged when the vessel is raised for repairs.

In 1976 additional sewing machines is salvaged and some of these is brought back to Husqvarna for maintenance. Responsible for the overhaul works were retired sewing machine worker Thure Andersson, by then 73 years old. He had, as a teenager, actually helped out loading the ship with Husqvarna products in 1918!

As it turns out the Husqvarna sewing machines works perfectly well – quality being a Husqvarna specialty – in spite of having spent 58 years submerged. In the collections of the museum there is one of these sewing machines, a CB XI, who was in production from 1904 up to 1951. This summer it is on display in our sewing machine exhibition. Do come and have a look! Welcome!


33 199 visitors 2017!

09 January 2018 | News

Thank you! Husqvarna Museum wishes to extend a big thank you to all visitors of 2017 – groups as well as individuals. For the third consecutive year we have reached more than 30 000 visitors. We are both proud and grateful for all attention the museum has been shown. Welcome back!

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