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Product: A model of an off-road vehicle equipped with Mecanum wheels

Development period: 1974-1976

In 1973 Bengt Ilon, an engineer of the Swedish company Mecanum AB, invented a special wheel, most often called a Mecanum wheel (but occasionally also – especially within Husqvarna Ltd – Ilon wheel). The wheel is characterised by a series of rollers attached to its circumference, which makes the vehicle able to drive in any direction, depending on which wheels are spinning and in what direction.

Bengt Ilon owned the patent personally but a company in Skellefteå, Sweden – AB Bröderna Lundbergs Mekaniska Verkstad – was in the beginning permitted to find an interesting use of the Mecanum wheels. Husqvarna Ltd came into the process early and the idea was to produce an off-road vehicle for use in the forestry industry.

At Husqvarna, designer Rustan Lange came up with a prototype drawing and a model was built (probably by Mr Lange himself). The model uses mainly wood but a few parts are made of plastic or metal. A prototype was also built in life size scale but after tests they realized that this vehicle was not suitable for forest conditions due to the fact that the wheels did not work well on un-even grounds. After a few years the project was closed down.

Mr Ilon later sold his patent to the US Navy who developed small vehicles that could transport different items around aircraft carriers. Lately other products have been fitted with Mecanum wheels, wheel chairs for instance.

Size of the model: 48 x 48 x 24 cm

Weapon donation!

16 March 2016 | News

Model 310/Eckermann This shotgun model 310/Eckermann, Husqvarna Museum got from the assembler Nils Abrahamsson. Nils is a one of the last craftsmen that made shotguns at Husqvarna. He made this shotgun for himself before he retired in 1985. The weapon is made ​​of old parts from a gun that was never completed in 1920. Assembler Nils Abrahamsson

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